MIA: Where has Jules been?


Hi Everyone,

It has been some time now since I have posted [Or been on here at all]. You might, or you might not be wondering where the hell I have been. To keep it short, the new job turned out to be extremely unhealthy, sucked up all my time, and I pretty much lost myself in the process. It’s been a few months now since I quit, and I have been working on getting my footing and establishing who I want to be for this chapter of my life. But… I AM BACK.

Let me give you a little recap and timeline of what has been going on since my last post.


  • I Celebrated my 21st birthday: Got drunk off margarita at a restaurant, and threw up all night. It’s a right of passage, I suppose.
  • I continued to try and get settled in the new job and get used to working full time and in school full time. It was a really tough month. Things weren’t going as well as I would have liked with work.


  • I planned our largest event of the year at our property [Casino Night], and it went really well. The only problem was that this was also the night I realized that this job was going to be a lot tougher than I thought. I also gave myself a date. If by January 1, 2016 the job was not getting better, then I would put in my resignation.Nov
  • After 3 months in my new apartment, I finally decorated. If you know me, you know I LOVE to decorate, so this was very out of character for me to have left those walls blank for that long.
  • We hosted “Friendsgiving” at our apartment, and some of our closest friends came over for a great time. We played LRC and ate too many calories.


  • Things were getting much, much worse. I was coming home everyday unhappy and unsatisfied. The days were getting longer and harder and people were noticing a change in me. My boyfriend finally sat me down and said “WE cannot do this anymore, something has to change.” I knew what I had to do. I put my 2 weeks in.
  • Chris and I celebrated the Holidays by getting a hotel room in Atlanta and checking out all the amazing food, oh, and we went on a helicopter ride.
  • My last day was the 24th and it was the best Christmas gift I could have ever given myself. I did not have another job lined up, but I had to do something. I could finally breathe again.


  • Travelled to Hilton Head for NYE and went to Savannah for the ball drop.
  • With my newfound freedom, I was finally able to visit my mom in South Florida for a week. Her house was gorgeous and we had a really relaxing week with her.
  • Classes started and I got an on campus job that was low commitment and low stress [Perfect].


  • We celebrated Chris’s 21st birthday and it was a crazy, crazy night. But fun!


  • I went on a spontaneous trip with my friends down to Destin, Florida for the day. We had such a good time just knowing that we are young with no worries and we can just enjoy life sometimes.
  • I also travelled to Athens, Georgia to visit some of my high school friends for the day where we hung out and ate some pretty awesome food.


  • FINALLY Spring Break. Chris and I went down to the beach and did absolutely NOTHING. It was awesome to just relax in the sun and catch up on some sleep.
  • I got an internship that I started doing social media consulting. It is a work from home gig, so I am happy about that.
  • I got a summer job nannying in June-July for a family I absolutely adore.
  • So, what does one do with an entire month with no work and online classes? TRAVEL. More details to come…

So everyone, boring or exciting? you choose. I am just glad to be back to myself and continue to share my journeys with you all. So, I will leave you with this inspiration:




An ode to my dog…

Hello everyone,

I am back from my hibernation yesterday, and I am here with an appreciation post.

This one goes out to my miniature schnauzer Izzy. I know everyone has been posting for National Dog Day, which I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like happens 4 times a year [not complaining]. Usually not one to participate in such made up holidays, but today is different. My dog, I am pretty convinced, is actually a human child. She wakes up and stretches out for you to pick her up, and lets you hold her like a baby and sing to her and give her kisses. Like most dog owners, I think my dog is just one of a kind. But let me tell you, there is actually not one single thing in the entire world that will love you as much as your dog does. Everyone is skeptical of a college kid getting an animal, especially a dog, since they are pretty high maintenance, but mine is the best thing I ever did. Please see a below for a photo for your reference [or just because she is so sitnkin’ cute, and I am obsessed with her, and wrapping her in blankets].


Your welcome for that. LOL. That’s all I have for you today, loves, but over the weekend I have a project I am working on that I am excited to share with you all. But I will leave you with this bit of inspiration…




First Day of Work Thoughts

Good Evening, Loves!

Boy am I tired, and the night is still young. Today was my first day at my new job, and I want to explain to you the range of emotions that I experienced today…

When I was a kid just before I started Kindergarten my mom bought me this super 90’s style old school Hello Kitty alarm clock. I was beyond excited, not only was this the most hip alarm clock on the market, but it was all MINE. I recall my mom tucking me in the night before and I couldn’t slip into a full deep sleep because I was so excited to hear my Hello Kitty alarm clock go off, start my first day of school ever, and meet new friends that I was sure at the time would last me a life time. And when that alarm finally did go off I felt EXCITED. And every morning after when that little alarm went off, I felt EXCITED. Well obviously as you age, the excitement to take on the day fades away, as does the energized feeling you get when you hear that alarm go off. However, this morning I felt that distant but very familiar feeling of excitment. Today was the day I started waking up early in the morning and to go to my first day of what will be a lifetime of days going to your 9-5 job, and it was AWESOME. Granted, I know the excitement will probably fade, and sooner than later, but I am not complaining for now.

But what would your first day of your big girl job be without a couple  dozen of selfies. [see below]


It’s true what they say, when you look better, you feel better. I was so ready to take on any and every task that came my way. This job is so ME. I am so happy to finally be able to do something that I already know that I love, I cannot express to you how blessed that makes me feel. Life love me right now, and I love it right back.

And I know this was a long and boring post for most of you to read, and who knows, maybe it even brought a couple of you some nostalgia! But I will leave you with this quote for today…




Sunday Funday

Hi there loves!

I am a huge fan of the “Lazy Sunday” trend, however today was anything but that. I title today the day of gluttony. I feel like all we did was eat, and boy did we eat good.

Started off the morning right by breaking in my new waffle maker [as pictured below].


Then after unpacking some last minute boxes and hanging up some of my decor [pictures to come later], we headed over to the other side of Atlanta, and had lunch at Chris’s [my boyfriend] aunts house. When I say “lunch” please do not be fooled into thinking it was a normal person lunch of some turkey sandwiches and fruit… OH NO… this was a southern style FEAST. There were burgers, hotdogs, deviled eggs, three types of french fries, onion rings, potato salad, coleslaw, salad, chili, some miscellaneous seafood dish, sautéed vegetables… the list goes on…  I had to apologize to them if it looks like I had never seen food before, it was just too hard to choose just a couple of items from the assembly line. We finished up the meal with some homemade peach cobbler and 1/2 fat vanilla ice cream, which as Chris would put it, means you can eat twice as much, God love him… If you could’t picture in your mind what the feast may have looked like, have no fear, I captured a picture before the damage was done.


The last part of my day was a pretty exciting one… I got my hair did! woohoo!


It only took 4 hours due to the fact that my hair is a literal rats nest 65 percent of the time. But I was so happy with the final product. This is my fourth try getting my hair to have that Khloe Kardashian esc white blonde look, and I was soooo happy with the final result. [See Below].

Final Product

Due to bad lighting the color isn’t true to the actual color, but you get the picture. And lastly I will leave you with this bit of daily inspiration…


That is all I have for you today, my loves.



A New Beginning

Hey all [if there even is an “all” at this point…]

This has been the month of NEW BEGINNINGS. I love it.

I recently moved in with my boyfriend of two years and our adorable miniature schnauzer, Izzy. In addition to this, tomorrow I start a new adventure titled: “Being a full-time student while having a full-time job” WISH ME LUCK! I start my new job Monday where I do not know anyone there, really what I will be doing, and it is like having a completely new beginning, and you better believe I am excited! New beginnings are always fun, especially when you are doing something that you love. You will hear about a lot of my adventures, funny stories, interesting people I meet along the way, and of course I will share my Pinterest wins [and fails] whether it is crafting, building, baking, or cooking.

Hoping to gain a following, and read about your adventures too. Online friends are FUN!

Also, I will leave you with this bit of inspiration for the day…